First Look Preschool

 “Giving preschoolers their “First Look” at their Heavenly Father”

  What if you could make sure every child, before they were 4 years old, believed:
    • God made me
    • God loves me
    • Jesus wants to be my friend forever
Would it make a difference in their life? We think so.    

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  Sunday Morning Schedule MAKE IT FUN - 15 minutes Each teaching lesson begins with activities that are fun and welcoming. These activities are designed to make the children feel drawn into the classroom. MAKE IT TRUE- 25 minutes After a fun time with classroom friends, children are led to a large group time for the Bible story and worship. This is when children get to hear the truth of God's Word and rejoice through worship. Break Time- 10 minutes This is “potty” time. During this time kids will return to their classrooms and will be provided with a snack. Our standard snack is goldfish. If this changes, allergy alert signs will be posted. MAKE IT STICK– 20 minutes Children will participate in a variety of activities that will help them apply what they have learned. These activities may be crafts, games, or even yummy snacks. Each activity reinforces that month's Bottom Line in a fun and interactive way. Throughout this time of the lesson the Bottom Line is repeated to be sure each child knows the truth of God's love. MAKE IT REAL– 10 minutes This is a small group time where kids can personalize the lesson and have a time for prayer. PARENT CUE– Available weekly This provides a way for the parent and child to interact about what was learned at church. What happens at home is more important than what happens at church.